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6 Tips to Help You Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

All across Colorado, businesses and travelers are at risk for bed bugs. Terminix has ranked Denver as the fifth most bed bug-infested city across the country, resulting in serious concern for home and business owners across the Front Range. It’s beneficial for locals to take steps to minimize the risk of a bed bug infestation developing in their building.

If you’re worried about your property, our Denver-based bed bug detection services are available! Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC relies on the best training and techniques for our bed bug dog Tracker. We can provide fast, accurate, and affordable inspections to help you create the best plan for your property.

We’re here to deliver bed bug detection for a variety of customers. Keep reading for our top six tips to help in resolving a bed bug infestation, and be sure to contact us if you need to schedule an appointment!

1 – Declutter Your Space

One of the best ways to reduce the risks of a bed bug infestation is to declutter your home or business. Densely filled spaces can provide nearly endless opportunities for these sneaky pests to infiltrate and hide. We suggest clearing out as much unnecessary clutter as possible, spreading it across other areas of the home or business or storing it in a location that does not include the main living spaces.

While maintaining a spotless space won’t help you keep bed bugs out for good, it can help to make it much easier to spot an invasion before it becomes a full-scale infestation!

2 – Check High-Risk Areas Often

Beds, couches, and other lounging spaces should be at the top of your inspection list if you suspect a bed bug infestation. Homes and businesses may feature a variety of furniture, allowing bed bugs to establish a base before feeding on humans. We recommend frequent inspections of these hot spots, as well as cleanup services such as vacuuming to minimize the risk of spreading the problem.

3 – Seal Any Openings

Homes and businesses in poor repair can also house more bed bugs without notice. Baseboards, moulding, door jams, and other spaces can allow for easy access throughout your property. Bed bugs tend to travel along linear paths, making it essential for you to focus on sealing off any entrances along pipes or electrical cables. A spot as innocuous as a vent for your HVAC system may be enough for bed bugs to invade!

4 – Invest in Smooth Furniture

While this may sound like a strange bit of advice, it’s important to consider the potential hiding places if your building hosts individuals that are traveling across the country and the world at large. Hotels, office buildings, and other high-density structures may require ongoing bed bug detection and removal services, which is why it can help to invest in furniture that is easy to inspect and clean.

Will your new furniture be durable enough to undergo hot steam treatments and in-depth cleaning? Can the fabrics easily be washed in the event of a bed bug infestation? Determine these factors if you are planning on purchasing new furniture in the near future.

5 – Inspect Second-Hand Purchases

One of the easiest ways for bed bugs to enter your property is through contaminated property. For many Denver residents, this can come in the form of second-hand materials purchased online, through local thrift stores, seasonal garage sales, and so on. We recommend taking the time to fully inspect each purchase before bringing it into your home!

6 – Order Bed Bug Detection Services

One of the best ways to prevent your invasion from turning into an infestation is to reach out to local professionals for bed bug detection services. Our Denver-based team, for example, relies on our bed bug dog to sniff out any signs of live insects, delivering an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your property. Proactive measures such as cleanliness and continual inspections will help to minimize the concerns of bed bugs, but ultimately, the effort of a trained agent may be needed.

Early bed bug detection can do much to mitigate the costs and stressors of dealing with an infestation. Contact us today for assistance, and be sure to schedule your appointment to learn more about our bed bug prevention packages, regular inspection services, and more!