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Could You Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

Perhaps nothing is worse than thinking you have these pesky pests in your Denver home but not being quite familiar with the warning signs of bed bugs. In a prior blog, we reviewed how easy it can be to mistake bed bugs for other pests, and vice versa. Calling in a reputable bed bug detection company can provide you the assurance you need to sleep peacefully at night, and at Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, we use our specially trained dog, Tracker, to help determine whether or not you have an active infestation within 90 percent accuracy. If you are concerned you have bed bugs in your home, call us at 720-251-2665 to schedule an inspection!

Knowing the warning signs of bed bugs can help you protect your home from these undesirable pests, and we have covered the most common red flags in today’s post. Read on to learn more!

Warning Signs of Bed Bugs

Mysterious Bug Bites

Do you frequently awake with odd bites on your body that were not there before you went to bed? Bed bug bites affect each individual differently; while one person may develop small welt-like skin irritations that are blistered and itchy, another may show no symptoms at all. If you wake up with bites from an unknown source, it may be wise to contact a bed bug detection agency as soon as possible, especially if you notice any other warning signs of bed bugs.

Stains on Your Bedding

Pull back the sheets on your bed and closely inspect your mattress and box spring. Do you notice any unusual stains that look like smeared blood? How about odd spots that look like someone set a felt-tip marker on the surface of the mattress? Engorged bed bugs are notorious for leaving behind blood smears if they are smashed, and because bed bugs defecate immediately after eating, they often leave unsightly stains on bedding.

Seeing a Bed Bug

One of the most overt warning signs of bed bugs is finding live ones in your home. Bed bugs are generally nocturnal and are incredibly elusive, and it is not uncommon to find them nesting in places the cracks and crevices behind baseboards, inside electrical outlets, in curtain folds, and in lamp shade pleats. Aside from finding live bugs, finding empty bed bug casings and eggshells may also tip you off to an active bed bug infestation.

An Odd Smell

In addition to mysterious bug bites, odd stains on your bedding, and seeing small bugs in your home, an odd odor in your home may also indicate an active infestation. Bed bugs are known for having a unique smell, and as the infestation gets worse, the odor can become more intense. The smell may be described as a sweet, but musty, and may even verge on a smell similar to rotting berries.

Denver K9 Bed Bug Detection

Do you need reliable bed bug detection services in Denver? If you have experienced any of the warning signs above, please call us right away. Discovering an infestation in its early stages can make treatment more effective, saving you time, money, and frustration down the road. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!