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How Easily Can Bed Bugs Spread in A Home?

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Bed bugs are tiny critters, but they can move fast and are resourceful when it comes to hiding places. They are able to advance at the speed of 3-4 feet per minute (that speed is similar to adult sprinting) on almost any surface – when that speed is achieved by a body that is usually the size of a needle head, it is easy to see why bed bugs can territorialize an entire building in such a short time.

Bedbugs are also masters in finding hiding places. They can move from one room to the other not only through the tiny, almost invisible crevices in walls and floors, through pipes or holes for cables – they can also travel on the clothes and shoes of the people who use the rooms. Another method that bed bugs use for moving around is by attaching themselves to people’s bags and luggage – that is one of the reasons why bed bug infestations are so common in hotels, motels, dorms and other facilities where people come with bags and luggage. Bed bugs can also spread from one room to the other when drapes or upholstered furnishing items are moved between rooms or if infested items are not instantly wrapped and moved outside, but kept in a different room for a while. To help detect and eliminate bed bugs call on Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers of Denver.