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The Benefits of Proactivity and Bed Bug Detection Services

Bed bugs. While nobody wants to think about this possibility, the reality is that many homes and businesses across Denver are vulnerable to this invasive pest. According to annual studies published by multiple pest service companies, Denver consistently ranks among the top 50 most bed bug-infested cities in the country. This number has certainly decreased over the past few years (thanks in part to the hard work of bed bug detection and extermination teams across the state), but the fact still remains that the higher rates of exposure can necessitate the need for proactive inspection services.

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC is here to help you achieve peace of mind if you’re dealing with signs of bed bugs, relying on our dogs to achieve success. Trained and certified bed bug dogs are highly accurate in finding live bugs and their eggs through walls, furniture, mattresses, and more. No other form of bed bug detection is as accurate, which is why the AK9BBS team works diligently to provide the most effective and reliable services.

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Resident Responsibilities

Colorado law outlines the responsibilities of both parties, and it’s important for tenants to be informed and understand their part in reporting bed bugs. Tenants will not be responsible for the costs of bed bug inspections or treatments, but this is assuming that proactive measures were taken to inform the landlord of possible bed bug sightings. Reporting this occurrence may be inconvenient and result in future visits and treatments, but remember that immediate inspection and treatment are vital in preventing the spread of the infestation. If tenants are found to be negligent in reporting an infestation, or they do not put in reasonable effort to accommodate professional intervention (as well as landlord inspections), then they may be held responsible for the cost of remediation. Being proactive here can help to keep you safe from liability and ongoing exposure to bed bugs.

Landlord Liabilities

For landlords, bed bug inspection services serve to provide a preventative approach in keeping bed bugs at bay. If your property has had past exposure to bed bugs, or you’re in a high-risk industry, then regular checks by a certified bed bug dog may help to prevent a range of issues.

While homeowners and landlords are responsible for their bed bug services, proactive measures can provide a range of benefits:

  • Retained reputation — The quality associated with your name as a professional is important in conducting business, and will likely impact your ability to keep your property occupied by happy tenants. Proactive bed bug detection services can help minimize the chances of an invasion turning into a full-blown infestation. Our bed bug dog will provide fast and discreet inspections of the walls, baseboards, furniture, and more.
  • Safety and comfort — You want your residents to feel comfortable in their dwelling. It’s also important to ensure the highest level of sanitation and health to keep everyone safe from physical and mental distress.
  • Avoid litigation if possible — Being proactive in your approach to reports and signs of bed bugs can help to minimize the impact on tenants and their property, as well as protect you from legal consequences due to negligence of your responsibilities as a landlord. Preventing serious issues can be a win-win for everyone.
  • Prevent costly consequences — As the landlord, you are responsible for the inspection and treatment of bed bugs within your dwelling. Proactive inspections may help to prevent the wide range of costs associated with an infestation. In some situations, getting in front of the problem will help to minimize any damages, saving you from repair costs and legal costs (if a tenant were to bring a claim forth due to a lack of effort).

Communication is important for both parties, as well as proper education on the signs of bed bugs. As long as you are fostering a proactive approach with your tenants or landlord, then everyone should be happy with the results. If you’re looking for bed bug detection services in the Denver area, then the next step is to reach out to our team.

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