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What Are the Traits of a Good K9 Bed Bug Sniffer Dog?

Our canine friends can help us in many ways – they are today used not only as guards and for sniffing out bombs or drugs, but also for detecting bed bugs. Not all dogs can find bed bugs, the ones that do having special traits – here are some:

  • An keen sense of smell – all dogs have a sense of smell that is thousands of times better than that of humans, but bed sniffing can be efficiently done only by the best snouts;
  • A superior intelligence – bed bug sniffing dogs undergo thousands of hours of training before they obtain their certificate. During those long hours, the trainees learn a lot, including how to distinguish the smell of the bugs from other smells and how to signal the presence of the bugs to their humans;
  • Willingness to work – bed bug sniffing dogs learn how to detect the bug in a playful way and they usually consider work to be play, too, but even so, not all dogs are suitable for being trained that way.

Beagles are the dog breed that is most commonly used for detecting bed bugs – their intelligence, their playful, energetic character and their ability to concentrate on the task make them perfect for the job. Find some of the best at