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How Does Our Canine Detect Bed Bugs?

When it comes to bed bug detection, inspection, and identification services, you will need a trusted team that has the experience and training needed to get the job done right for complete peace of mind. It can seem nearly impossible to detect bed bugs, which is where our bed bug canine proves his worth. Tracker is here to serve as Denver’s bed bug detection expert, providing thorough results for homes, apartments, hospitals, and more.

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers is here to serve as your trusted source for bed bug solutions. We can work quickly to inspect and identify any infestations happening on your property. One question we commonly field before setting Tracker to work is how the process works. Today, we’ll briefly discuss the role pheromones play in bed bug detection services. If you’re ready to schedule your inspection, be sure to call our team today!

A World of Pheromones

Recent studies on bed bug detection and treatment techniques have revealed pheromones play a larger role in the behavior and activity of this unwanted pest than we realized. While researchers have known about alarm pheromones and their potential for traps for decades, little information to support the claim has been made available until recently. Scientists have also discovered that other chemical agents play a role in bed bug behavior, including pheromones as in a group called “semiochemicals.” These chemical agents can act as a catalyst for changing the behavior of other insects as well, but can help us during our bed bug canine services.

To give you an idea of how complicated bed bugs can be, we have comprised a short list of pheromones that may direct their behavior, including:

  • Alarm pheromones, which are commonly deployed to warn other bed bugs of trouble. Researchers have found multiple alarm pheromones, making it important to find a K9 detection dog with the skills required for an accurate assessment.
  • Aggregation pheromones serve as a form of communication between bed bugs, ultimately playing a large role in their infestation abilities.
  • Sex pheromones are necessary for attracting mates, and can lead to additional bed bug problems.

Smelly Results Attract More Bed Bugs

Unfortunately for Coloradans living with a bed bug infestation, there are 10 known pheromones that can attract additional bugs. The amount of pheromones released will depend largely on the concentration of bed bugs and amount of time they have been in this particular spot. While alarming for most people, bed bug inspection pros were excited to learn about this information, as four key pheromones were found on every bed bug that shed its skin.

The smell that attracts more bed bugs most likely resides in the shed skins left behind by growing pests. If you notice these skins, or any sudden odors, be sure to contact our Denver bed bug pros for assistance!

Explaining Pheromones and Canine Detection

The same pheromones used between these pests to communicate comprises the scents used for bed bug canine training. Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, and pick up on the unique markers that separate bed bugs from other infestations. Our bed bug dog is able to detect even the most minor of infestations, picking up the scent of live bugs in addition to their skins and pheromones. Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers continually trains Tracker to ensure he is up to any task! Contact us to see why we’re Denver’s top bed bug dog detection team, and be sure to schedule your appointment today!