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Give your customers complete peace of mind!!

In Colorado and Wyoming bed bugs are on the rise. If you haven’t seen a house infested with bed bugs or sold a house with them, then unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time. Don’t let your customers first night in their new home be a nightmare. Have the home inspected by our dogs before they buy, and now own, a huge problem.
Family with moving boxes who found bed bugs in their new home

The Story

Unfortunately, we hear it all the time: “We just bought our home and moved yesterday and now I think we have bed bugs!”  Advanced K9 takes one of our highly trained dogs to confirm they are right and they do have bed bugs.  But now, it’s too late. They own the home, and own the problem, which could cost thousands to fix.  There isn’t any actual health risk so there isn’t any real legal recourse. 

A Better Plan

Home Inspectors

As a home inspector you’re already on the look out for structural damage, health risks, radon, and a huge list of other issues. Let us take one off your plate that could really make the difference to your customer. We offer subcontractor programs so you can wrap it all into one package for the customer and come out looking like the hero.  Don’t end up with a bad review over something you aren’t able to see. 

How it works?

Simply include it as part of your inspection process or advise your clients to reach out directly to us.  We come with one of our nationally certified teams to do the inspection.  Our dogs search every inch of the home including walls, baseboards, and areas humans can’t see.  Then you get a full report of anything that was found.  If bed bugs were found, your client now has the ability to put that cost back on the seller before you close on the property.   It just makes sense! Don’t let the biggest purchase of our lives become the biggest nightmare. Contact us today!

We also offer discounted bulk packages if you want to give this inspection to clients as part of your sales package. Call today to learn more.