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Bed Bug Detection Pros for: Denver, Greater Colorado, and Wyoming

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers (AK9BBS) is family-owned and operated by Amy and Ryan. Ryan is a Firefighter and spends his off days fulfilling his entrepreneurial spirit. He also has a couple investment properties and a handyman business. Having worked with a bed bug dog in Aurora several times the business and market always intrigued Ryan. So, when he heard the handler he worked with was retiring Ryan decided to see if Amy would be interested in a new business, and as they say “the rest is history.” 

Amy, a former teacher and speech language pathologist, was drawn to this business because of her love for animals and desire to help people. Not surprising given her talent to teach, and her masters degree in speech, she enjoys the challenge of training and finding ways to communicate with the dogs to keep them motivated and improve their accuracy. As a family they love getting to work together and even get to involve the kids. Because our dogs are food driven they have to be trained every day so they can eat. This is fun for the dogs as it’s like getting to play fetch every day and getting treats every time they get the ball. However, it can be time consuming and in order to keep it fun we frequently involve the kids in training. Our 8 year old is even starting a dog washing business of her own. 

Our company and handlers are designed to provide specialized detection services in many areas and to several structures and even vehicles. 




Denver Metro:

Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Thornton, Parker, Littleton, Northglenn, Englewood, Golden, Commerce City, Centennial, and all the reginal areas

Northern Colorado:

Loveland, Berthoud, Windsor, Fort Collins, Greeley, Evans, Eaton, Timnath, Fredrick, Firestone, Milliken, Johnstown, Kersey


Cheyenne, Laramie and others upon request

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We strive to provide property and business owners peace of mind to either rest easy or take actions.  Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers does not provide treatment (chemical or heat). Our mission is to provide the industry-leading services to help identify the presence of bed bugs.  Through our extensive training program and the validation of being nationally certified we are confident we bring the best value to each of our customers.

Having our dogs come and search a property is simply the fastest and most effective way to identify whether or not there is a  problem.  Our dogs have constantly demonstrated the ability to locate bed bugs human eyes would have overlooked. Call 720-271-3647 to schedule an inspection today, or fill out the form below!