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After staying at a sports camp, we started getting bites. After a couple of inspections from treatment companies no one could find anything.  Tracker came and finally found the bed bugs in a sleeping bag we had used.  We had it treated and problem gone. Thank you!
Amy is great with customer service and very knowledgeable! She saved me a ton of money by being able to identify a Bat Bug vs. a Bed Bug. I will definitely be using her service again!!
Amy was extremely knowledgeable in this field and was very forthcoming with information to help ease our concerns. After hearing how the inspections were done and the dogs were trained, I had no problem trusting this service. You can't put a monetary amount on the ease of mind this service provided. Amy not only trained the dogs, but knew a lot about the bugs and how they moved and interacted with humans. She shared a lot of information that was greatly appreciated. If I ever need anything of the sorts again these guys will for sure be my first call.
I was concerned about having bed bugs when I started to develop itchy red welts after getting stuck in a hotel internationally during the COVID crisis. This fear began to consume my thoughts and places a heavy weight on my shoulders and knot in my stomach. Although I didn’t find anything absolutely incriminating, living with the uncertainty was eventually crippling. I can’t not express how thankful I am for Amy’s help with this concern. She demonstrated empathy, professionalism, and expertise. She led me through what she considered red flags of bed bugs from her experience and helped me understand the dichotomy between the media’s portrayal of bed bugs and the actual signs. Her dog Scout confirmed the absence and I felt the knots I had untangle. This trainer and these dogs know what they’re doing. Highly recommend for confirmation if the thought of having bed bugs is consuming you. Thank you Amy!!! -
Amy is great with customer service and very knowledgeable! She saved me a ton of money by being able to identify a Bat Bug vs. a Bed Bug. I will definitely be using her service again!!
If this is the service you are looking for, look no further. This woman is very kind and professional. I had a bedbug scare when I saw only one bug and freaked out, cleaning my whole house and began looking for people to help. I found her in a google search and emailed her about my predicament. She very kindly assisted with me, confirmed the bug was a bed bug, and even offered me a ton of advice on what to do in the meantime. Without her, I would have spent a fortune calling out exterminators and sniffers, not to mention the costs I spent on silly sprays at the store. Amy let me know what I should and shouldn’t use and clued me in on a ton of things she’s seen to keep my eyes out for. Thanks to Amy and her professional help, I was able to solve my problem without her having to come out to my home. Amy helped me even though I didn’t give her a dime but continuously and kindly offered to come make sure they were gone for me. She sat on the phone with me as I considered my home remedies and advised me what she thought would help the most. She is a kind business woman who is here to help people, not to just rake in your money. If you’re going to pay to have this done, I highly suggest using Amy Reher’s business because you will receive professional and expert service. Thank you again Amy. -
Wow! Hard to even put into words how knowledgeable, kind, patient and responsive Amy is. I had a false positive from another dog tracking company but found no evidence of bed bugs so I sought a second opinion from Amy & her lovely beagle Tracker. They confirmed that my apartment is 100% clear of bed bugs during their visit. I also appreciated that Amy did a very thorough visual inspection of my furniture before she brought Tracker inside. I would HIGHLY recommend seeking out their services above other detection companies because they use a foolproof standard for training their dogs. The peace of mind provided after their visit has put me at ease and should I ever need similar services in the future, they will be the first ones I call!!
As a heat treatment company we have worked with Amy on many jobs.  She’s knowledgeable, honest, and a pleasure to work with.  And nothing beats the accuracy of her dog Tracker!
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Amy has always been prompt and honest with us. She has started inspecting before every move in and has saved us thousands on treating because we now know the apartments are clean when each tenant moves in. Thank you. 
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