Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC

Inspection Prep List

How to Prepare for Your Dog Inspection

Tracker Inspects a car

Professionally trained Advanced K9 handlers will assess the area(s) to be inspected prior to searching with the dog. In order to have the quickest, most accurate and thorough inspection possible, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Pam and Scout Inspect Apartment

Inspection Prep List

Absolutely no bed bug killing chemicals are to be used for 30 days prior to the inspection

● Wait at least two weeks after a heat treatment before scheduling the inspection

● Please be sure that all diatomaceous earth has been vacuumed and removed from all flooring and furniture

● Do not use household cleaners, aerosol products, or other scented chemicals for at least 12 hours prior to inspection

● Extinguish all candles, air fresheners, tobacco products, and other strong smelling items at least 2 hours prior to inspection

● Please turn off fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, etc. at least 30 minutes prior to inspection (air conditioners may remain turned on)

● Be sure all food and medications are put away

● Place all animal food bowls/dishes up on a counter or other high surface

● Please have all household pets outside or in the garage. If this is not possible, pets must be either in a crate or secured in a room that does not

need to be searched (i.e bathroom)

● Please remove as many obstructions as possible from the floor (i.e.

children’s toys, shoes, etc.)

● Don’t “overclean” your home. This could scare the bugs deep into the walls