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Should I worry about my dog carrying bedbugs?

What Should I Do Bed Bugs Dogs Home Extermination Specialists

Bed bugs create discomfort in homes, motels, hotels, cinemas and, well, everywhere they nest really. Similar to lice and flees, bed bugs are tiny, but also incredibly problematic each time they decide to populate an area.

Warm-blooded animals (our pets included!) are unfortunately at risk to getting a variety of insect infestations, including bedbugs.

Bed bugs usually prefer human blood to animal blood, but this does not mean that pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits will not be victims of these insects.

If bed bugs get into your home, then you and your dog will be exposed to their bites. Fortunately, bed bugs do not live on pets in the long run, as do mites, fleas, and lice, so you should not treat your pet`s fur with any solutions. If your dog has an extreme number of bites and develops reactions to them, they may need medical treatment. Otherwise, you can simply use a flea comb to remove bed bugs in their fur.

Exterminating bedbugs in the house is enough for your pet to get rid of this problem, so your main concern should be calling a bed bug inspection near me Denver specialist and make an extermination plan.