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Bed Bug Statistics — Understanding the Prevalence of This Pest

Almost everyone has heard about bed bugs. While information is commonly available, many Americans end up relying on rumors and otherwise false statements to create their impression of these pesky pests. It pays to have the correct information for your home or business, and when it comes to bed bug inspections, it pays to go with the pros!

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC is here to serve as your professional source for fast and affordable bed bug detections across Denver. Our bed bug dog is trained to find signs of pets at an accuracy level exceeding 90%.

Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are not going to go away. In fact, the 2018 Bugs Without Borders Survey found that 97% of all responding pest professionals reported treating bed bugs in the last calendar year, and these experts say that their work for removal is only increasing. Keep reading to learn more about bed bugs, and be sure to if you need assistance!

Finding a New Home

As you may have guessed, bed bugs are most likely to end up in urban areas due to the increased population size, prevalence of apartments, and overall population density. Bed bugs are known to be fast travelers, and can actually end up settling down in nearly any structure.

The top five most common locations to find bed bugs include:

  • Single-family homes — 91%.
  • Apartments and condominiums — 89%
  • Hotels and motels — 68%
  • Nursing homes — 59%
  • Daycare centers — 47%

Keep in mind that these locations are the most likely to ail from bed bug infestations, but any facility can be at risk!

Common Misidentifications

One major concern that can lead to a worsened bed bug infestation is confusing your invasive pests with other types of bugs. 84% of pest control professionals claimed that they were hired to treat a different type of pest, namely fleas (71% of calls) and cockroaches (28%). This may prove to be problematic, as the response time to fleas and cockroaches is often not as intensive as the signs of a bed bug problem. Treating for the wrong pest can make matters worse for your home or business, so be sure to rely on the professionals for peace of mind!

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers offers fast, reliable, and accurate bed bug detection services across the Denver area. Our dog, Tracker, is highly trained and ready to find the signs of a live infestation. Learn more about our team before reaching out to us for assistance!

Where Have Bed Bugs Been Found?

While couches and beds within the home make up the most popular spot for bed bugs to infest, the reality is that these travelers can hitch a ride on almost anything. Bed bugs have been found on stuffed animals, school buses, purses, bedside lamps, and even airplanes! It pays to exercise caution when traveling, and keep in mind that bed bugs can appear from the strangest of places.

Assessing Public Concerns

A 2011 survey revealed the public’s opinion on these creepy critters, and things have not changed in the years since. A majority of residents are concerned about coming into contact with bed bugs, especially during travel. 

  • Hotels — 79%
  • Public transportation — 52%
  • Movie theaters — 49%
  • Medical facilities — 40%

According to the survey, individuals were most afraid of being bit by bed bugs. However, public information is starting to come along in terms of bed bug concerns. More than a quarter of Americans surveyed took preventative actions when returning from abroad.

Correcting Misinformation

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to bed bugs. The 2011 survey found that nearly half of respondents believed that the bites from these pests can transmit disease. The reality is that no human has ever contracted anything from a bed bug bite, although some individuals are more sensitive to said bites. Nearly 30% of individuals also believed that bed bugs were more common in low-income housing, while 37% cited that these bugs are attracted to dirty homes. The reality is that bed bugs across Denver do not discriminate based on cleanliness or income, and can infest an upscale mansion just as quickly as a one-bedroom apartment.

Looking for Bed Bug Detection Services?

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers of Denver is here to serve as your fast, accurate, and reliable source for bed bug detections. Our team will arrive at your property for a discrete inspection, relying on our good boy, Tracker, to pick up on any signs of live bed bugs. If action is needed to correct the problem, we can provide the right resources to move you toward living bug-free again. Our team can also come back to check chemical or heat treatments to ensure they were successful.

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