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Traveling This Winter? Follow Our Tips To Avoid Picking Up Bed Bugs!

Up until this point, our blog posts have focused primarily on how to detect bed bugs and how to get rid of them once found. If you’re planning on traveling soon, then it may help to understand how to check for bed bugs while out in the world. Business professionals, global tourists, and everyone in between tend to frequent hotels and motels wherever they go, which can increase the likelihood of coming into contact with bed bugs.

If you’re in need of Denver’s trusted bed bug detection services, then you’ve come to the right place! Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers rely on our bed bug dog across the Denver area to detect the signs of live bugs, giving homes and businesses the information needed to act with all due haste. Tracker is trained to be much more accurate than traditional bed bug detection methods, and he can return to your property later to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Keep reading to catch up on a few of our tips to avoid bringing any bed bugs home with you, and be sure to contact us to learn more about our inspection services!

Perform Research

It’s important to remember that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, and they will likely catch a ride with you from the hotel room back to your home. The best way to prevent a surprising bed bug infestation is to do your research before booking your room. Many consumers rely on online reviews to establish credibility before trusting a new place to stay, and here is where you should start. Be sure to look through the negative reviews and search for any mention of bed bug problems. If you do not see any complaints in the last few months, then things should be fine. However, if you notice that a number of guests have complained of bed bugs, then we would recommend finding new lodging nearby!

Initial Inspections

Bed bugs love to hide in small crevices, making your suitcase and wardrobe ideal infiltration points. Once you arrive at your room, place your belongings in the bathroom (where bed bugs are not as likely to live). You can then begin with the bed, as this location will yield the most evidence if there is a bed bug infestation. These critters will be happy to feast on you while you are sleeping, and they are likely to hang out in close proximity in the meantime.

Inspect your hotel bed and the surrounding areas for signs of trouble. In many cases, bed bugs will leave shed skins, blood stains, and other forms of evidence revealing their living situation. Bed bugs are very tiny and often look flat or balloon-like in shape. If you find a reddish-brown insect that is roughly the size of an apple seed, then you may need to be concerned about your temporary quarters.

Closer Looks

It pays to perform a thorough inspection for bed bugs, which include the mattress and box springs. Utilize a flashlight or illumination from your cell phone to inspect the surface, keeping an eye out for the skins, fecal matter, and blood mentioned earlier. Now is the time to search around the mattress, bed frame, and surrounding floors for any evidence of an infestation. You should also check nearby dresser drawers and nightstands to ensure nothing is missed.

Preventative Measures

If your search comes up clean, then it is likely that your room is clean as well. However, keep in mind that these signs for bed bug detection stem from past infestations, not recent events. You can take steps to keep bed bugs away from your clothes, including hanging up fabrics, keeping clothing sealed in a bag, and so on. You may notice small bites after your first night, which should be brought up to hotel staff immediately! The best way to avoid problems with bed bugs is to prevent bringing them into your own home.

Home Protocols

Once you return to Colorado, it’s time to exercise caution if you are worried about a recent bed bug infestation. The best thing to do at this stage is to keep all of your clothing from the trip separately and wash all of the articles in hot water. This helps to keep any tagalongs contained to one area, and can also kill off unwanted bed bugs. We recommend against immediately putting your suitcase away, as extra bugs may set outward from this source and begin to infect your home.

There are numerous methods available to help you control bed bugs, including manual removal, hot-water laundry, and more. Many travelers will seal their possessions in a bag upon their return home to keep bed bugs sealed and trapped in place.

Contact Us Today!

If you suspect that you have accidentally invited bed bugs into your home or business, then it’s essential to schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible to prevent the problem from growing into a full infestation. Local home and business owners have relied on our local bed bug detection services for years. We’re proud to have trained your trusted bed bug dog in Denver, Tracker, and proud to offer his sniffing services with our certified handler to help you achieve peace of mind. Our bed bug dog has an accuracy rating of more than 90%, and he is available for a variety of situations.

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