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Can Bed Bugs Come Back After They’ve Been Treated?

Bedbugs lay between 200 – 500 eggs in a period of 2 months, in batches of 10 – 50. The eggs are attached to the furniture or their accessories by a transparent substance. There are 5 stages of the life cycle from egg to adult, which can last 6 to 10 months. The typical lifespan of a bedbug is about 10 months. They can survive for weeks or months without feeding.

No wonder it is hard to get rid of them. Even when you think you have succeeded, you may be surprised to soon discover that some of these pesky insects have actually survived and multiplied again.

Fortunately, the bed bug detector Denver specialists are at your disposal with a wide range of services and solutions for eliminating bed bugs. Given the major risks you face in the event of a bed bug infestation, feel free to turn to a pest control company that will intervene quickly, efficiently and professionally, ensuring that your building – residential or commercial – will be completely cleaned.

However, arm yourself with some patience; disinfection against bedbugs can be long lasting compared to that against cockroaches, for example. Most of the time, it takes several treatment sessions to completely get rid of this problem.