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Can Just A Couple Of Bed Bugs Cause An Infestation?

Did you know bed bugs can multiply how to find them before they do

Yes, this is perfectly possible, and this is how it all begins, in most of the cases: with just a couple of insects people have brought in, without being aware of their presence.

Bedbugs are a category of pests that are very difficult to control, given their superior resistance to many disinfection methods. Moreover, it is not easy to detect their presence and thus they multiply freely, without being disturbed by anyone or anything.

In the 1930s, every home in London had bedbugs, and the intervention of the Ministry of Health was needed to take action against them. From the late 1930s, their numbers began to decline, and the introduction of DDT in 1946 led to their extinction. Now, however, their number is starting to grow again, a phenomenon facilitated, experts believe, by climate change and the flourishing of international tourism. At the same time, experts say that bedbugs have gained resistance to pesticides commonly used and that it is necessary to develop stronger and more effective solutions.

In the USA, big cities face problems in this regard, these pesky insects taking over office buildings, cinemas, shops, etc.

If you suspect that you have a bedbug infestation, seek specialist help immediately on how to find out if you have bed bugs Denver area homes so that the development of a personalized treatment can begin as soon as possible. These insects are extremely difficult to control by homeowners or commercial building owners on their own.