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Can Bed Bugs Live Outside In The Summer?

Bed Bugs Outdoors Indoors Feeding May Survive

Quite worryingly, yes, bed bugs can actually survive outside, when temperatures are high enough! Even if they are not exactly nature enthusiasts, summer temperatures create conditions for their outdoor survival, at least for a while. They do prefer the indoor comfort of your bed, so it will never be their choice to settle outdoors; however, these insects can be brought or driven outside unknowingly.

For example, you can bring a few bed bugs on your property by purchasing second-hand garden furniture and accessories (cushions, mattresses etc.); additionally, if you schedule a pest control treatment to get rid of the infestation you have got in your home, you should be aware that a few of the insects may escape outdoors, for a little while, and then they will return and start a new colony. Yeah, like we said: these blood-suckers die hard!

Bedbugs do not have wings, so they travel on foot. You may not expect it from such small creatures, but they actually can travel up to 20 feet per day.

They sense the human presence from a distance and will do their best to reach it again, regardless the reason why they are outdoors for the time being. To make sure none of these pesky bed bugs get in your home, you can look to