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Why Summer Is A Good Time To Have A Bed Bug K9 Check For Bed Bugs In Your Home

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 Bedbugs are known to love warmth – no wonder they prefer to stay indoors, near your bed. Summer is their season, because it makes them thrive, so this it is also the best time to check for bedbugs in your home, because there are chances to discover them more easily.

It is often hard to identify them, as they stay well-hidden during the day, but more and more pest control specialists start using a method that provide a very high rate of success: canine check for bedbugs.

There are dogs trained specifically to find bed bugs Denver area homes and establishments, which are able to detect an infestation much faster than humans – and with no disruption! Once the locations where bedbugs hide in your home are discovered, specialists will be much more efficient in cleaning them, using their targeted treatments.

K9 inspection team dogs receive hundreds of hours of training before becoming able of discriminating bed bug scents. They are re-tested and re-certified periodically. Specialists guide these dogs through rooms infested with bedbugs, allowing them to sniff in every applicable area. Dogs will alert immediately, when they have discovered something. It will take just a few minutes to a bed bug K9 to inspect a room; humans will need a few hours to do the same thing.