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What Kind Of Bite Does A Bed Bug Leave On My Skin

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Because bedbugs are rather nocturnal insects, their activity is most intense at night, when the human victims sleep and do not feel the stings. At the moment of the bite, this insect uses a substance that produces a local anesthesia, so that the victim does not feel anything. For these reasons, many people live with these little “vampires” in their homes for long periods, not noticing their presence, except when the infestation is already significant.

Bed bug bites are like small red spots on human skin, which are often confused with skin allergies or food poisoning. They are also very similar to mosquito bites; the most common way to differentiate between the two is the pattern.

Bed bugs bite creates a linear group of three bites each. These bites are commonly known as “breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Bedbug bites also cause more itching than mosquitos’ bites and are obvious for a longer time than mosquito bites. These can leave obvious marks for up to 9 days.

Fortunately, bedbugs do not transmit diseases, so the discomfort is generally the only inconvenience caused. Some people, who are particularly sensitive, may develop skin allergies and should thing about hiring the help of a bed bug detector Denver is home to to detect them and then get rid of them.