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How Can Bed Bugs Be Detected Early

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For millions of years, bedbugs have evolved into nest parasites, particularly related to birds and bat shelters. Some of them have also learned to adapt to the human environment and to live in our “nests”, i.e. our homes, and, more specifically, in our beds.

Bed bugs can enter the house as clandestine “passengers”, in luggage, second hand furniture or bed linen.

Since they can hide in so many places, it is not easy to get rid of them. If you do not have unlimited time or patience to fight them, it is recommended to seek the help of professionals in pest extermination. Experts that find bed bugs Denver area know where to look for them and especially how to get rid of these unpleasant insects lurking in your home and bedroom and feeding on your blood.

It is not necessary to notice many bedbugs around to know that you risk facing an infestation soon enough, if you do not take action. Signs of their presence are often visible and easy to spot:

  • brown or black spots on mattresses or bed linen, caused by their excrements
  • red blood stains that appear when bedbugs are accidentally crushed
  • eggs or eggshells – although very small (about 1 mm), they are visible
  • remnants of dry yellow skin left by nymphs, in the developmental stages.