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How Does A Sniffer Dog Check For Bed Bugs?

How Does It Work

Bedbugs continue their spread, so pest control companies are increasingly busy exterminating them. However, detecting infestations and getting rid of these elusive mini-vampires is difficult, because they hide very well and typically come up only at night, to feed.  

This is why specialists, besides using different chemicals and other methods, also turn to the help of specially trained dogs. Canines are amazing when it comes to odor detection, and bedbugs release a specific odor. With adequate training, a bedbug sniffer dog Denver area can detect a nest, providing remarkable rates of success (up to 98%).

Besides, representing a fast method for bedbug detection, sniffing dogs are also safe and non-invasive, unlike the random use of chemical solutions. Pinpointing the exact location where these insects have settled in your home is extremely important for the success of the extermination program. For example, if there are bedbugs hidden in a wall, there is a big risk that they will survive there and start new nests all over again.

With the help of sniffing dogs, trained to perform to the highest standards, this risk is almost completely eliminated, and the treatment applied by pest-control experts are expected to provide better and quicker results.