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What Type Of Dogs Are Trained To Sniff Out Bed Bugs

Beagle Bed Bug Specialists Sniffing Dogs

Pest control specialists use efficient substances and cleaning methods to help people get rid of bedbug infestations, but the process may take a while, because these small vampires tend to show up again, even when you think you have finally got rid of their unwanted presence in your home. That`s because the main challenge is to discover the exact location of their nest. Until pest control specialists figure out where they are hiding, there will always be a few insects surviving of the extermination process and creating new infestations.

Luckily, nowadays, this problem can be solved quickly, with the help of man`s best friends: dogs. Well, not any dogs, but animals specially trained to identify bedbugs` hideouts, using their fantastic olfactory traits. They can become incredibly useful allies for pest exterminators, considering that their success rate can be up to 98%, according to specialists` estimations.

It seems that some breeds are better suited for going through the training required to learn recognizing the particular bedbug odor. Beagles are in the first place, followed by Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. All these breeds exhibits a particularly strong sense of smell (a Beagle`s nose has about 200 million scent receptors!). Just do a quick search for bed bug sniffing dogs near me Denver area to find some of the best in the business, to help you resolve the bed bug problem.