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Do Bed Bugs Live Outside?

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Bedbugs are known to love the warm environment around human beds, where they can feed and multiply in the best conditions. However, you may not know that these creepy insects can also live outdoors, if they have to, but they will constantly look for a way to get in, otherwise they will eventually die, not being able to find the warm, dark and secluded places they need.

However, do not make the wrong idea: bedbugs do not live in the earth or in the grass, like other insects, but they may be able to survive for a while on patio deck or furniture that you and your family use, as well as on fences, lawn clutter, piles of wood and cracks in walls. They do not like animal blood, like ticks or fleas, so living outside is not their thing.

Typically, bedbugs end up outdoors when people throw away infested mattresses or furniture, but they may also fall off from a person carrying them (they hide in clothes and luggage, which is why they can be easily transported from one place to another).

The lifespan of bed bugs living outdoors depends on the food they can find, the natural predators (some species of spiders, lizards and ants), the weather (they love warm – but not too hot! – temperatures, and cannot be in the water for too long). Find some of the best help to getting rid of these pesky bugs at