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Can I Treat Bed Bugs Myself?

treat bed bugs eliminate find out where they hide

Well, you can try, but your chances to succeed are quite small, so better be prepared for a good dose of frustration, just in case…

Bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. Getting rid of them will definitely not happen overnight, not even with professional help. Typically, it takes a few successive treatments to be able to control the infestation and get rid of these creepy creatures that suck your blood during the night. In other words, it takes hard work, combined with diligence and patience.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and also hide very well in hard to reach places – this is why they survive so well and keep on appearing even when you think you have got rid of them. They cannot be removed by regular cleaning and washing. A bedbug infestation requires special treatments, and pest control companies use either professional chemicals or hot steam equipment to kill these insects.

If you still want to attempt to treat bed bugs yourself, you should first create a safe place to sleep, in a non-contaminated area. Wash the mattress and the bedding using very hot water and allow them to dry completely – preferably outdoors, in the sun, if you have this possibility. Use a hot steam applicator on them and then wrap them in bed bug-proof encasements.

Use special chemicals to clean the bed frame, but make sure to read the label directions, for your own safety.

If all these do not work, you should call for a pest control specialist. It is the best solution on how to find out if you have bed bugs Denver area home and locate where they are hidden.