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Is Summer An Especially Bad Time For Bed Bugs?

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Many insects are seasonal. Mosquitoes, bees, flies – they are all most commonly seen during summer months. But how about bed bugs?

Bed bugs like warm environments and, when they have these conditions, they metabolize more quickly. However, considering that they live indoors, where thermostats are turned up when it is cold, they are not really affected by the seasons.

However, experienced pest control specialists such as Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers say that, although they are not necessarily inactive in winter, bed bugs tend to be more active in the summer, because they get dehydrated and thirsty, so they come out more often. Besides, summer is the travel season, so they often get to travel in people`s clothes and luggage and end up in different places, where they start forming new colonies.

Besides, research shows that bedbugs breed quicker during the summer, while winter slows down their metabolism, even if they live in a comfortable indoor environment.

So, although they are not as seasonal as other insects, as long as they can enjoy a warm indoor temperature, you can still expect that bed bugs peak in the summer; therefore, this season may be especially bad if you are dealing with an infestation in your home.