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Highlighting the Real Risks of Bed Bugs

While everyone has heard about the inconvenience and discomfort associated with bed bugs, few know about the real risks of dealing with an infestation. The reality is that living with bed bugs can impact your peace of mind, reputation, and more. It’s important to be proactive in your fight against a possible bed bug infestation, which is where Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers can help!

Our team specializes in bed bug detection services across the greater Denver area, giving tenants, landlords, homeowners, and property managers the peace of mind needed to focus on more important matters. Our bed bug dogs are more than 90% accurate, ensuring that you’ll have the correct information to take the right steps moving forward.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of the real risks of bed bugs, including their ability to survive extreme conditions and sneak into any property. 

Sneaky Invasions

Many people think they can simply keep a watchful eye out for bed bugs. They are often surprised to learn just how small this bug can be (up to the size of an apple seed). Bed bug eggs are about the size of a pinhead and equally hard to find without the proper tools or techniques.

Bed bugs can catch a ride into your property in worn clothing, handbags, backpacks, and more, and may find their way to any part of the building. Keep in mind that adult bed bugs can travel up to three feet per minute, and can likely cover a great distance before nightfall. They can also reproduce quickly, making infestations a serious concern for hotels, homes, hospitals, and more.

Enduring Hardships

Bed bugs are tough, making it difficult to remove any critters before an infestation begins. Residents, entrepreneurs, and landlords have tried a range of techniques to help combat bed bug invasions, yet are often surprised to find that this bug is built to last. The approach of suffocating bugs in a plastic bag, for example, may take more than 8 hours, but may not work if any oxygen can get through. Bed bugs can also survive for months without food, meaning that you can’t starve them out by waiting a few weeks to unpack your suitcase. Freezing or heating bed bugs may also prove effective in killing them off, but keep in mind that you’ll need extreme temperatures to get the job done (think below 0 degrees Fahrenheit).

Difficult Detection

It’s important to restate that nobody is fully safe from the inconvenience and discomfort of a bed bug infestation. Even the most proactive measures may fail to keep bed bugs out, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling to higher-risk areas. We would all like to think that being clean and orderly is a good way to prevent a menace such as bed bugs, but the reality is that these pests indiscriminately invade buildings of all types and economic statuses.

One of the biggest challenges of preventing bed bugs from setting up shop within your Denver home is finding any hitchhikers before they get comfy. Once these bed bugs are established in the residence, they will search out nightly feedings, only to hide once their meal is complete. Bed bugs tend to hide in dark places such as clothing, mattresses, bed frames, baseboards, electrical switches, and more. 

Secondary Health Issues

It is rare for bed bugs to transmit disease through feeding. However, the risks of infection from continual scratching due to itching along the skin can cause problems if you aren’t careful. Some individuals may exhibit allergic reactions to their bites, resulting in skin issues such as ecthyma and impetigo. Some individuals may not react at all to bites, rarely noticing discomfort while loved ones ail from excessive itching and inflammation.

Mental Health Concerns

One of the biggest concerns associated with a bed bug infestation is the toll taken on residents who are dealing with the bites, itching, and negative stigma. If you can imagine how uncomfortable it would be to lay in bed feeling itchy spots knowing you’ll be feasted on in your sleep, then apply that feeling over week after week, then it should be easy to understand why bed bugs are such a menace.

In addition to anxiety and sleep loss, individuals often feel isolated and alone. Even after bed bug solutions have been enacted to restore life to normalcy, some individuals may feel the phantom bites and crawling. This level of psychological trauma can seriously disrupt any family life!

Achieve Peace of Mind With Bed Bug Detection Services

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers in Denver is here to provide thorough and accurate bed bug dog detection services. Our certified teams rely on industry-leading training and the skills of our canines to detect the presence of live bugs and their eggs. In tandem with our experienced handlers, you can expect complete detection services and peace of mind. If the signs of a bed bug infestation are found, our professionals will provide resources and support to help you move forward.

We offer a wide range of bed bug detection programs to help homeowners, landlords, and commercial managers discreetly inspect their premises in a comprehensively affordable manner. Learn more about our preventative packages to protect you and your investment, and contact us online for complete assistance.