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How Do Bed Bugs Get Into My Car

How Bed Bugs Detected Found

Bedbugs do not cling onto people (like ticks), but they can accidentally end up in your belongings (i.e. suitcases, bags or laptop bags). From there, they move into homes, hotels, offices, hospitals or any other building or means of transportation.

Sometimes, they may end up in your car too, although severe infestations are unlikely, considering that a car is not a place they particularly like. Bedbugs prefer the warmth of the human bed and the proximity of food – they live in mattresses and bed cracks, coming out at night, to feed with human blood.

Bedbugs need to be brought into a car – which is possible through clothes, furniture or other items that you transport. However, once they are in your car, they may stay there for quite a long time, as long as the temperature is propitious to their survival. They may not survive in the car during the winter, if you live in a cold area. On the other hand, most of these insects will not survive in temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit either.

In this context, the good news is that you may be able to get rid of them if you park your car in direct sunlight, when the outdoor temperature is 100+ degrees. Get bed bug detection going today