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How Is A Dog Trained To Find Bed Bugs

A Dog Sniffer Detect Smells Bed Bugs Rodents

Being flat and small in size, bedbugs can easily hide during the day, when they are not active. They can be found in bed mattresses, furniture, carpets, baseboards, picture frames and other interior decorations – these being the first places where you should look for signs of bed bug infestation.

Because these insects can hide in so many places, it is not always easy to realize that you are dealing with an infestation. Fortunately, some insect control companies use an effective method: dogs specially trained to identify bedbug nests, just as other dogs are trained to find drugs. Dog training is based on the identification of the particular scent of these insects.

It is well known that dogs exhibit a strong sense of smell which makes them particularly efficient with this task to detect bed bugs Denver homes and businesses deal with – their success rate is higher than 97% after bed bug training.

Benefits of using dogs to find bedbugs:

  • low cost: hiring specialists in pest control can be a much more expensive solution than using dogs trained for this task
  • dogs are insistent: they will look for and indicate all areas where they detect the smell of bedbugs
  • safety: having a very high accuracy in finding the source of the infestation, this method provides the psychological comfort that the final elimination is extremely probable.