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Does Spring Cleaning Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have a large distribution worldwide, due to the development of tourism. People carry them in luggage, clothes and they can spread even through the international transport of furniture.

It is possible to bring home bed bugs from almost anywhere – we can find and pick them up from offices, shops, hotels, gyms – plus countless other places. They can hide among your personal belongings, or even on yourself, thus migrating to your house or apartment, from where you can take them to your office, without being aware that you actually contribute to the infestation. Once in your house, they can be extremely difficult to kill, and without the help of a specialist with experience in pest control, you may not be able to get rid of them. However you have to find bed bugs Denver experts say in order to get rid of them.

Regular spring cleaning is not enough, as bedbugs do not disappear by simply wiping dust, vacuuming and washing surfaces, clothes and carpets.

It requires either repeated treatments with insecticides, or treatments with special devices that produce superheated steam, up to 180 degrees Celsius (this is an eco-friendly, non-contact, non-chemical option). The delivered steam eliminates bed bugs by thermal shock, so it ensures very efficient disinfestations. Dry, superheated steam can be used on any surface or fabric and can be directed to the most hidden corners that are the most difficult to treat, being thus preferred by bedbugs.