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Are Bed Bugs Active In Spring

Spring is Here Eliminate Bed Bugs Before Hand

Bed bugs can be found in all U.S. states and are considered, officially, an epidemic. They can be found in temperate climates all over the world and have existed since ancient times. There are different species, but the common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is particularly adaptable to all human environments.

Bedbugs are flattened dorso-ventral and thin, which provides them a great advantage. They can hide in unusual places, such as cracks in walls and furniture, behind baseboards and slats, behind socket protectors, in picture frames, behind door and window frames, in cracks in the floor, under carpets or behind wallpapers, which makes them difficult to detect.`

They grow and mature extremely quickly, live quite a long time and, without food, can hibernate for up to almost a year. They are active at temperatures from 7°C to almost 45°C, but bed bugs in tropical areas survive at temperatures even higher than 45°C.

Summer is considered the bed bug season, when they are the most active, but these insects also like the warm weather and humidity specific to spring, which make them come out of hibernation, hungry and ready to multiply. The warmer the temperature, the quicker the infestation. So quick detection from a bed bug inspection near me Denver area is recommended.