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Our Bed Bug Detection Pros Highlight DIY Bed Bug Control Methods

Bed bugs are a common problem across the Mile High City, causing tenants and business owners to scramble to find a way to remove the issue and restore their properties to normalcy. If you’ve noticed signs of bed bugs in your Denver property, then you have likely considered the financial costs associated with a high-quality removal. Keep reading for DIY control methods to help combat bed bug infestations, and be sure to reach out to our bed bug detection team for complete peace of mind!

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC is here to deliver exceptionally accurate bed bug detection services with our trained dog Tracker. We can quickly and discreetly enter your premises, perform a thorough bed bug inspection, and provide you with an accurate assessment of your property.

Manual Removal

This method is not very effective, but may help to give you an idea as to how bad things are in your home or business. Bed bug detection is difficult, as these creatures are small, dark, and often immobile during the sunny hours. Homeowners have found success in relying on a credit card, ID, or other plastic card in combination with sticky tape to root out bugs and take them away one by one. If done consistently, this method can help to reduce the number of pests present.

Keep in mind that removing bed bugs on your own can be very messy. Proper cleanups are recommended afterward, relying on warm water and soap to clean up any bugs, eggs, droppings, shed skins, or blood associated with cleanup.

Lethal Laundry

Throwing your infested products in the washing machine may prove to be an effective method in stopping the progress and growth of your bed bug infestation. You can collect the linens and clothing in question and place them in sealed bags (this will be an important step for most control methods!). If possible, we recommend utilizing the hottest temperatures possible to increase the overall effectiveness. The combination of water and high-heat drying should do much to reduce the concerns of bed bugs (and remove any dark stains, too!).

Voracious Vacuuming

Bed bugs are experts at hiding, and can take refuge in the smallest crevices. Many homeowners will turn to their vacuum to help reduce the number of bugs present in the room, thoroughly cleaning the area to ensure most of the stowaways are picked up. Regardless of the type of vacuum you use, it is essential to empty the contents immediately after finishing. Dump your vacuum container into a plastic bag and seal it to ensure no bugs can escape. Vigilance is of the utmost importance when dealing with a bed bug infestation, so be sure you inspect your vacuum and related components before storing them.


Full-Blown Freezing

Bed bugs are known for their enjoyment of temperate climates, and can be killed through freezing methods. Infested objects and materials that can be placed in the freezer give homeowners the opportunity to utilize cold temperatures to keep their bed bug population under control. Bed bugs have the ability to lower the freezing point of their bodily fluids, giving them the ability to live in colder climates with no ill effects.

If you do decide to freeze your possessions, remember that you will need a lot of time in addition to the extra-cold temperatures. We recommend placing your items in at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing up to four days for the freezing effects to create clean surfaces. Once ice forms inside the bed bugs currently in containment, you should be able to remove your items. Keep in mind that this method is only recommended for objects that can withstand such cold temperatures!

Incisive Insecticides

Beyond manual treatments, professionals rely on a range of insecticides to help control the spread of a bed bug infestation. These chemicals are specifically tailored for bed bugs, and should be used with extreme caution within homes and businesses. Be sure to plan thoroughly, as utilizing the wrong agent can put you and your family at risk. In some cases, insecticides will act as a deterrent to bed bugs, causing them to move away from the treated area and infest a different area. We recommend leaving this step to the pros!

Hostile Heat Treatments

One effective way to beat the bugs in your property is to deploy a heat treatment. Bed bugs are hardy creatures, but are not able to handle any high heat delivered for long periods of time. Most professionals rely on heat treatments to deliver air between 113 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively eliminating bed bugs and their eggs. While reliable and effective, heat treatments are also best left to the professionals.

Need Bed Bug Detection Services?

Before you plan your full-scale assault on these invasive pests, it’s important to check and verify that your pests are bed bugs. Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC of Denver is available to provide fast, accurate, and affordable bed bug inspection services, relying on the skills and talents of our dog Tracker to provide thorough results to homes and businesses across the Front Range.

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