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Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

When you discover what you think might be a bed bug in your home, you’re likely to have a few different reactions. First, disgust as you realize there are bugs in your home. Next, fear as you begin to wonder how extensive the infestation is. And finally, frustration as you wonder how these pesky bugs made their way into your home in the first place. In today’s blog, we’ll address a couple of different ways these little hitchhikers might be introduced to your home.

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How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small, flat, oval-shaped bugs. Younger bed bugs have a reddish appearance while adult bugs have a reddish-brown coloring to them. About the size of an apple seed, they can measure anywhere between one to seven millimeters long. They have six legs, an oblong body, a short thorax, and a small head.

Traveled Lately?

Have you recently been on vacation and stayed at a hotel or family member’s home? Maybe you have taken a cruise lately or ridden in a cab? The truth is that bed bugs can be found virtually anywhere there are optimal nesting conditions, but when located in public places, they are frequently found in places that have a lot of people coming and going. Before unpacking your suitcase on your next trip, it might be beneficial to inspect your lodgings to ensure there are no signs of bed bugs.

Recently Moved In?

Are you new to your apartment, condo, home, or office? If you’ve just recently moved in and located what appears to be bed bugs, there’s a possibility that they were there before you moved in. The good news is that most reputable rental contracts will have a clause supported by an inspection certificate documenting that a property is free of bed bugs. You can ask for this before you move in, and if the property owner doesn’t have it, you can request it.

Kids Been to a Sleepover?

As kids get older, they love the excitement that comes with a change of scenery and staying the night over at a friend’s house. Children have also been known to bring bed bugs home with them on their belongings after visiting parents and grandparents. It’s important and helpful to realize that anyone can get bed bugs, and just because someone has these irritating bugs in their home does not mean that their home is dirty or unsanitary.

If you’ve noticed signs of bed bugs around your home, it’s always advantageous to call in a professional detection company. With our professionally trained bed bug dog, Tracker, we’ll quickly determine whether or not you have an active infestation in your home. We offer several affordable packages and our thorough inspections will cover your home from top to bottom. For potential infestations, efficient detection and treatment is essential — don’t delay any longer!

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