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How Is A Trained Bed Bug Dog Able to Smell Bed Bugs?

Young Beagle In Training Bed Bugs Sniffer Dog

Bed bugs are elusive, nocturnal creatures, notoriously hard to find through visual inspections performed by humans with the lights on. However, the nasty critters are not so hard to find for dogs trained especially to catch them – fortunately, bed bugs exude a smell that is easy to detect for bed bugs and their excrement are also smelly and easy to identify for canine detectives.

Today, there are many companies that provide bed bug sniffing services – here are the benefits offered by using such a service:

  • Dogs can smell all bed bug life stages – dogs can sniff out adult bed bugs as well as bed bug eggs;
  • Accuracy – dogs can detect bed bugs almost as efficiently as they can detect bombs or drugs. They can efficiently detect bugs not only in in mattresses, upholstery and drapes, but in walls and floors as well;
  • Time-efficiency – dogs need only seconds for scanning an entire room, which makes their services great for large facilities, such as hotels and motels. Trained bed bug dogs can cover an entire building in a fraction of the time otherwise needed for visual inspections;
  • Less disruption – dogs can sniff out bed bugs without mattresses being removed from the bed or turned over. To get the best bed bug sniffing dogs near me Denver area do a search.