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What Are Some Lesser-Known Places Bed Bugs Can Be Found?

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The most common places for bed bugs to hide are mattresses and furniture upholstery, but the tiny critters are very resourceful hiders and they can take shelter in much more unusual places as well. Here are some tips where to look after you performed a thorough check of all the common hide-ways:

  • Behind electrical outlet covers – the plastic plates are installed directly on the wall, but the thin space between the plate and the wall is just large enough for bed bugs to hide;
  • Clothing – clothes are among the favorite vehicles for bed bugs. Most bed bugs enter the home travelling on the clothes and on the shoes of the people who enter the room. They attach themselves to clothing unnoticeably, then they find hiding places in the room where they drop. Bed bugs can also stay on the clothes and proliferate in closets and wardrobes;
  • Picture frames – the photos and paintings on the walls are also great favorites with bed bugs, especially old, wooden frames that usually develop thin cracks over time;
  • Between tiles – bed bugs are small enough to hide in the crevices between the tiles on the wall and on the floor in bathrooms and in kitchens. If you need help businesses that offer how to find out if you have bed bugs Denver area are helpful for those spots you just can’t see.